6 Incredible Health Benefits of Rock Salt

Rock salt is generally found in the Himalayan region, it’s more granulated and less chemically processed than table salt. That’s why it offers an array of health benefits that your regular table salt doesn’t. Being devoid of environmental contaminants, rock salt presents the purest and healthiest form of salt for human use. Aiding digestion, alleviating sore throat issues and an array of skin benefits are just some of the reasons you should switch from table salt to rock salt. Keep on reading to find out what other health benefits rock salt offers.

Aids digestion

Oxygen, zinc, sulphur, iron, magnesium and calcium are the main nutrients found in rock salt. If you’re suffering from digestive problems, rock salt will be your saving grace. Namely, stomach pain, bloating, heartburn and constipation can all go away with the simple use of rock salt. All the minerals found in rock salt are great for cleaning toxic products from the bowel, they will promote bowel movement and speed up the digestion process. Have you been trying to lose weight? Considering rock salt has the power to stimulate insulin in the body, you won’t be feeling sugar cravings as often as before, which can lead to the desired weight loss. 

Promotes good night’s sleep

Recovering from a strenuous day requires between six and eight hours of sleep. Many people struggle to fall asleep at night or stay asleep throughout the night, which leaves negative effects on their bodies and minds. Fortunately, there’s a solution to that, and it’s called rock salt. Namely, this granulated salt has the power to regulate the melatonin level, which further regulates a sleep cycle. If your diet lacks sodium, you’ll be more likely to wake up between 2 am and 4 am and have difficulty going back to sleep. To promote a healthy night’s sleep, try adding a pinch of rock salt into raw honey, and eat it before bedtime.

Useful sore throat remedy

Did you know that many people use salt water gargling as a remedy for sore throat? With rock salt, you’ll get an even better effect because Himalayan salt has decongestant properties that aid in many common conditions, such as blocked nasal cavities and cough. If you’re suffering from tonsillitis asthma, rock salt will help ease the discomfort while boosting lung capacity.

Comes with several benefits for the skin

Rock salt will make your body feel great on the inside and out. Namely, you can use Himalayan salt to buff any skin flakiness. Furthermore, if you have oily skin, a body scrub consisting of rock salt will rid you of any excess oil. Cleanse, strengthen, and rejuvenate your skin with this miraculous ingredient. Acne and clogged dirt are now the stories of the past. Forget about using the soap to cleanse your face. With the rock salt grains, you’ll get the best face cleanser that will make the skin breathe easily. With the use of rock salt in your bath, your skin will radiate before you know it. Exfoliate your face with rock salt by mixing it with your regular face wash and using circular motions to allow the salt to slough off any dead skin cells. 

Soothes muscles

Have you been experiencing muscle cramps? When your body doesn’t have a good salt and electrolyte potassium balance, the muscles may start to cramp. When that happens, include more rock salt into your routine. Sip on rock saltwater to get relief within minutes. Rock salt is also very beneficial for reducing body pains and reducing stress. All it takes is for you to soak in a bath filled with rock salt to calm sore muscles. On top of that, a bath with rock salt will also fight water retention and detoxify the body while reducing your blood pressure levels.

Keeps the scalp clean

Not only will rock salt help the skin on your face, but it will make sure your scalp is dirt-free as well. The brilliant cleansing qualities of rock salt will be responsible for the elimination of any dead skin cells on your scalp. With the use of rock salt scalp scrub, you’ll have dirt-free hair without sacrificing natural healthy oils. Mix a cup of rock salt into your shampoo for the ultimate scalp cleansing products. Use the mixture to wash your hair, then rinse it off regularly to get rid of all the salt.

Final thoughts

Using rock salt in your everyday routine will come with an array of health benefits. From relieving sore muscles to treating sore throat, improving sleep, solving digestion problems, and making your skin radiate – rock salt will improve your everyday life and have numerous benefits for your well-being. Take a bath, sip on saltwater and use rock salt scrubs to make your body shine both inside and out.