7 Things You Should Know About Opening a Restaurant in Brisbane

Suppose you’re considering opening a new restaurant in Brisbane. In that case, you should know that it requires full-time and hard overtime work to be successful. 

First, you have to make a precise business plan that implies, for example, location, budget, staffing, theme, etc.

You should know several essential things about opening a restaurant in this city, especially if you are a novice entrepreneur.

Financial items

If you intend to open a restaurant in Brisbane, be ready for numerous costs. Therefore, you must have enough money for a fit-out, renovation, inventory, paying rent, and employees.

In addition, you have to have enough monthly working capital for your business to be cost-effective, which might take some time.

There are many options on how to collect money. But the most important thing is to be realistic about the budget you need, the time required to gather that money, and the necessary sales levels to pay it back.


Choosing a location for your food business is one of the main points because it affects your total finances. A good idea is to find foodservice professionals to inspect the location. Moreover, maybe the best solution is to opt for a place where a café or restaurant was previously. That can reduce the overall cost.

On the other hand, the exposure of the location is also essential.

In the first place, make sure that it is easy to find and accessible for potential visitors. Other things include parking, accessibilities for the disabled, and suppliers that will deliver necessary materials daily. You also have to consider street access and public transport routes.

Concept and brand

When we talk about opening a new restaurant in town, it is also necessary to devise an adequate concept and brand. That includes numerous things such as interior design, restaurant’s name, menu, music, customer service, advertising, social media, website, etc.

On the other hand, your food business won’t be successful with a mix of different cuisines, serving food according to your style or preferences. Therefore, opt for a specific type that meets the needs of your targeted guests. Your customers must understand the concept.

Proper equipment

Proper equipment can be expensive in Australia, so you must have the right strategy and list everything you need, from foodstuffs, kitchen equipment, and decor to air conditioning because it is scorching all year. For example, suppose you have problems with your air conditioners. In that case, turn to professionals for air conditioning in Brisbane that will solve them quickly, easily, and affordably.


Maybe you think it is a good idea to hire friends or members of the family. But think twice before you do that because it may change your relations with them. When you are a manager to your family or friends, it could cause a negative effect. Therefore, it’s better to place a job ad and hire other experienced people.

Target guests

To start any restaurant, it is essential to know your target guests. Therefore, location plays a significant role. It will determine the type of visitors. For example, if you open a restaurant near a high school, your target guests will be students who want to quickly drink a cup of coffee or eat something in a hurry. But the guest who wants to take a break after shopping all day long in a nearby shopping centre will be completely different.

Long story short, the type of guests of your restaurant depends on the business and other surroundings.


Before opening a restaurant in Brisbane, you should also explore the competition around the chosen location. Therefore, it might be helpful to ask yourself questions like: does your restaurant offer something unique, do your nearby competitors have a similar menu, or what are the differences between yours and restaurants from your surroundings.  

Before starting your food business in Brisbane, you also must obtain the appropriate licences and permits. In addition, you must register your business and receive an employer identification number to pay taxes. It is not a bad idea to trademark your restaurant’s name to prevent people from copying you.