8 Mistakes Beginners Make In Lightroom

Every photographer who would like to change the look of their work to better attractive photos should consider highly rated and powerful photo editor like Lightroom. This photo editor has been used over the years and has been proved to be one on the best software to transform photography work.

Although, lightroom presets have great features that are quite admirable and can do wonders to your photography work, most users make petty mistakes sometimes and that is why below is detailed information of the mistakes beginners make in Lightroom.

1. Going very far.

Too much of anything is poison, most photographers may tend to go very deep in photo editing to a point where the editing may look to more significant than the actual photograph.

This is a common mistake that is done not only by beginners but also by much-experienced lightroom users. The problem of too much post processing activities is that the picture loses its natural look and looks more of a Photoshop.

2. Not going far enough.

Due to the fear of not going too far, beginners may tend not to go very far hence leaving their picture not properly edited and dull. Even though not going very far can be better than going very far it is advisable to do average editing that will leave your photograph very beautiful and natural look as well.


3. Assuming to check the before/after.

Checking the before and then comparing it with the after is a very good behavior as it helps you know the progress and to save your photo once you hit the right spot. Many beginners may just proceed without referring to the “before” photograph and hence end going too far or too shallow in photo editing.

4. Fail to check the clipping.

Clipping means losing the detail of highlights and shadows by may be turning the highlight tone to white or the shadow tones to black.
When using Lightroom, you just press “J” to avoid clipping your tones to extremes.

5. Not using all the tools.

Anytime you want to edit your photo to come up with an excellent outcome you should learn and use all the features and tools of Lightroom. Not using all the tools makes the picture look improperly edited and may look more of Photoshop and not more of a natural look.

6. Not noting the difference.

In Lightroom, there are several features that function the same and may make almost similar results. When you don’t know how to use different tools you may end up not using them appropriately hence having a photo that is not edited correctly.


7. Failing to use copy and paste.

Lightroom has too many tools that make it possible to edit several pictures at a time, not knowing how to use the tools can make the work looking harder and not easy to approach to get to know how to use copy and paste in Lightroom so that you can edit more picture within a short while.

8. Fail to use presets.

When you note you are doing similar editions to all your photos, all you need to do is to make presets to automatically do the editing for all your pictures hence saving much time and editing your photos fast.

If you avoid the above eight mistakes that are made by Lightroom users then your editing work must be attractive and effective.