Attractive Stylish Dinner Outfits for 5 Types of Restaurants

A dinner date is a great way to spend quality time with your partner, as well as with friends and family. Drinks or coffee dates are fine, but if you truly care about spending time with someone, you’ll want to bring out the food! No matter how often you have date nights, having a variety of nice dinner date clothes is essential. However, it’s also important that your outfit matches the vibe of the restaurant you’re visiting. Here are some examples of fire outfits that’ll inspire you for your next occasion!

Casual dining

This outfit is cute and simple and it’ll definitely work in a wide range of venues and occasions. An all-black outfit is a personal favorite of many Australian women because of its classiness and versatility. We have no clue why, but the sleek all-black outfit has really taken off in the land down under! This is a style you won’t mind wearing to a few more events since it’s easy, comfy, and chic. Start with a black turtleneck and finish with your favorite black leather jacket. Tuck in your top into some wide-legged black jeans and finish it all off with a pair of boots or flats. Recently gold jewelry has started being more popular so pile on those gold chains! A fashionable black purse is a must-have for all Australian chicks! Aussies care about the environment which is why you’ll notice the girlies sporting gorgeous vegan wallets made in Australia hidden away in their purses.

A business casual venue

If you’re expected to dress in business casual, you’re probably going out for a dinner with your work colleagues. Your outfit might include a combination of work-appropriate blouses, jackets, and button-downs, but it clearly excludes jeans and shoes. Always keep your clothes polished and professional for the ultimate clean look. A shirt with a neckline that highlights your shoulders or neck is a great starter to any look. Don’t be afraid to make it patterned and a bit fun! For the top business-chic look, pair the shirt with bootcut trousers and appropriate heels.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Formal restaurant

Your date may be planning something special if they invite you to a formal restaurant or maybe your best friend is planning a rehearsal dinner! There are so many options for formal restaurants but the most important thing is to stay on-trend. For formal wear, your safest bet is a gorgeous-looking dress – shorter or longer the choice is yours! Shorter dresses look more playful, whereas longer ones will give you a more sophisticated look. If you want to play it safe, go in a black dress that will never go out of style! To add some flare to your look, accessorize with bright red or pink shoes and a clutch, or pick a dress with some lace details or sheer paneling. Don’t forget the jewelry!

Brunch with the girls

Dress to impress the ladies for a weekend brunch with a casual boho-chic outfit. A neutral color palette makes it easier to mix and match diverse items. If you want to experiment with texture, try pairing a cozy sweater with corduroy trousers. Even if classic flats never go out of style, a bold design makes them perfect if you want to add some quirkiness to the look. Accessorize with delicate jewelry to make them look fresher. Smaller golden hoops and a sleek lower bun with a middle part will make you look great on a Sunday even if you went out the night before!

Photo by PxHere

Romantic dinner date

One of the most sophisticated and romantic dates you can go on is to a beautiful restaurant for a lovely dinner. Your outfit should be both classy and sexy, so a dress is an obvious choice! Choose a dress with a hem that falls just below the knee for a sophisticated but simple look. When it comes to colors, black and white are excellent choices, or opt for a simple pattern, but don’t make it too busy. Finishing touches should include a pair of black sandals, a simple handbag, and a few pieces of dainty jewelry.