Best Summer Drinks for Your Next Party

Summer is a season of sunshine, fun, and good times. While wine and beer are certainly respectable for relaxing and unwinding over dinner, a late Saturday afternoon spent chilling by the pool (inflatable) is even better than a cool, refreshing cocktail. After a day of romping around in the pool, sipping on frappes and logos, a cocktail hour can provide a welcome break from activity and contemplation. For many, that’s why they invest in entertaining cocktails at home. There are several different kinds of beverages you can serve for the cocktail hour; in no particular order, they include:


Daiquiris are an easygoing cocktail that features the usual ingredients: lime, strawberry, and ice. The recipe usually calls for strawberry juice and sugar, though you may want to substitute cranberry juice or peach juice for the strawberry. Daiquiris are also served with other simple syrup, such as raspberry syrup or cranberry sauce. These days, fruit-infused juices make excellent additions to daiquiris.


Margaritas are another refreshing summer drink choice. These drinks use frozen or canned fruits in place of traditional ice. They also often contain frozen cherries, strawberries, or pineapple. Most Margarita ingredients can be substituted with other fruits, but the popular strawberry Margarita is still a favorite. Most Margarita recipes call for either fresh or canned fruits, but some suggest using ingredients like frozen yogurt (although not the kind used for dessert) in order to add a bit of smoothness to the drink. If you’re uncertain about what flavors you can use, there are even recipes available that let you choose from a variety of popular flavors, all to be combined into one delicious drink.

cocktail margarita

Irish Coffee

A more traditional summer drink choice is the traditional Irish coffee. Made with whiskey or brandy, orange juice, and cream, Irish coffee is a refreshing cocktail that many people enjoy. There are many recipes available on the internet, so if you don’t happen to have orange in your refrigerator, there’s no need to worry about not being able to find the right ingredients. Most Irish coffee uses Bailey’s Irish Cream ale, although specific brands vary, depending on the manufacturer.


For those who favor lighter summer drinks, lemonades are a great alternative. Typically made with either orange juice or lemonade, these simple cocktails are made using a variety of fresh fruits and ingredients, such as simple syrup and a touch of lemon. This summer drinks menu includes things like Strawberry Margarita, ginger beer, and fresh fruit punch, just to name a few. In addition, lemonades can be made with alternative ingredients, such as fresh strawberries.

lemonade in three glasses

While the Martini was created as a Manhattan variation, it was soon changed into the Cosmo, Vodka martini, and now the Vaya. Many drinks that we know today, including the Mojito and Tequila Sunrise, have evolved from their roots during the prohibition era. When people started drinking drinks that had a high amount of alcohol in them, it started a trend in cocktail making that has been continuous up until the present.

Whatever your preference, there is likely a simple, easy, summer drink recipe for you. If you are looking for something different from the others on the list this summer, consider incorporating some new ingredients into your recipes. From frozen yogurt and fresh fruit to lemonades and mint jellies, there are plenty of new alternatives to old tried and true drinks this summer. With a little imagination and effort, you can easily make summer cocktail recipes more interesting and different than they have ever been before.