Best Thanksgiving Dishes For The Ultimate Family Feast

Thanksgiving dishes are as varied as the individuals who celebrate this feast. In Canada, Thanksgiving is called The Great American Thanksgiving, while the name Thanksgiving is derived from the Pilgrims who brought the Thanksgiving holiday. Both names, though, essentially mean the same thing. It is a big dinner, usually based around a big, roasted turkey, which is served to the family. The traditional Thanksgiving dishes have changed slightly through the years, but one of the best is still in style.

Traditional Thanksgiving dishes

Traditional Thanksgiving dishes include pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and thanksgiving bread. For the most part, thanksgiving recipes involve some sort of meat; though, the vegetables are always welcome, too. It is also common for thanksgiving dishes to include some sort of soup, though people now also make many of them themselves. Turkey or ham is often the main ingredient for these soups, though you might also see rice or noodles used.

Pumpkin pie

One of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes that people still enjoy is pumpkin pie. Mashed potatoes make a great addition to the pumpkin pie, too. Of course, there are many variations on the traditional thanksgiving dinner. Some have green beans in place of the potatoes, while others substitute cranberries or raisins for the cranberry sauce.

Don’t forget about pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is delicious thanksgiving day after day, and the only way to experience the pure goodness of pumpkin pie is by making it yourself. This is the best way to add the perfect touches of thanksgiving to your thanksgiving dinner. While there are many recipes online that you can find and duplicate, you will find that the homemade pumpkin pie is still the most popular thanksgiving dish around.

thanksgiving dishes on table

Potato salad

In many ways, potato salads and other types of not boring salads are an expression of thanksgiving. They are easy to make, and can even be made on your own at home. Pumpkin pie is a great alternative to the traditional thanksgiving dinner and they are almost guaranteed to be a hit. Of course, the best way to enjoy your thanksgiving vegetables is by eating them with a bit of butter or oil, but some chefs do like to dip their potatoes in different sauces.


Turkey is another hearty and flavorful vegetable that makes an excellent complement to any dish. You will find many recipes calling for turkey sausage, but there are also plenty of ways to make your own. The best thing about creating your homemade thanksgiving dishes is that you can use whatever type of meat you want. If you are concerned about the fat content of some meats, then experiment with ground turkey instead. There is nothing better than the rich flavor of turkey sausage stuffed with the best potatoes you can find.

Along with potato and pumpkin dishes, you should also try a few Thanksgiving dishes that are designed to have a Thanksgiving theme. One of the best matches for thanksgiving dishes is chicken dishes. Chicken has been a favorite thanksgiving dish for a long time, and it just gets better the older you get. There are many different styles of chicken dishes that you can prepare, so look around until you find the one that appeals to you. You can choose from poultry dishes, such as chicken-fried steak or chicken nachos, and you can also choose from beef dishes with rice or other vegetables as aside.

As you can see

There is no shortage of great Thanksgiving dishes out there that you can choose from. If you are uncertain as to what sort of dish would go best with the Thanksgiving dinner theme, then do a little bit of research. That way you will know precisely what sort of dishes are favorites among your friends and family. Finally, if you need a few Thanksgiving dinner ideas, then get out those ingredients, gather up your spices, and make some pumpkin pies, baked potatoes, and other Thanksgiving dinner ingredients.