Does Running Give You A Full-body Workout?

You may have noted that after being physically inactive for a long time, your whole body will be aching after a short run. That’s because when running you were exerting your body to an activity that it’s not used too hence exhausting your muscles all over your body.

Running is a comprehensive exercise. However, you will still need some more exercises on the side to have a full body this post and find out why you need more than your routine run.

Running is comprehensive but not enough

Running usually engages the primary muscles on the lower part of the body. These muscles include the calf, hip flexors, quadriceps, and the hamstrings, as one set of muscles contract the rest relax, ensuring that they are in constant motion.


However, other parts of your body need the same kind of attention, such as the back, arms, and chest. This is to say that running is good and comprehensive, but it is not enough. Besides running, you will need to engage in strength training at least twice a week to ensure that all your body muscles are taken care of. Repetitive use of the same muscles may result in muscle imbalance as the unused muscles will gradually get weaker, making you prone to injury.

Break your routine

Continually doing the same thing can be tedious. If your routing involves running only, it may get a time you no longer feel the need of doing it anymore, but if you incorporate several exercise activities in your routine, it can hardly get boring as you have something different to do every once in a while.On this site find more info.

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You can add cycling, boxing, stretching, and other activities into your running routine. By doing that you will not only prevent the boredom but also engage different muscles than the ones you focus on in your regular running routine.

Final Thoughts

Running is an effective form of exercise. However, as aforementioned, it does not give a full body work out. Some people may find it hard to start other programs besides their running routine, but it does not have to be hard. You can make some few adjustments in your running routine to include stretches, bicycle crunches, and other forms of exercises that you could do right after you are done with your run or before you run.