Essential Tips for Creating a Perfect Dinner Table Setting

Imagine a situation where you are expecting important guests for a business dinner, having a romantic evening for two, or organizing a dinner for the whole extended family which you value so much, but you don’t have anything special planned for the dining room. It could be embarrassing, right?

Well, it is always good to learn more about a perfect table setting, decorations, and overall design for a great dinner, no matter if you like it simplified or as pompous as possible.

This is important, not only to make a good first impression when people enter the room but also to create the most comfortable conditions and let everything flow really easily.

Let’s explore a few things everyone should consider for a perfect dinner setting, hoping it will help with your decision.

Find a perfect theme

No matter how simple or complex your taste and the occasion are, it is always nice to have an interesting theme. It can be amusing and keep everybody’s attention on a high level throughout the whole evening.

For example, if you are preparing Chinese food, you can make the whole theme about the culture of that country – put their music on, get some decorations resembling Chinese ones, etc. Or, you can try a boho/hippy night, with lots of details that follow that style. Or, if your guests love sports, you can decorate the whole space in the spirit of a specific sport or club, along with jerseys you all would wear, and so on.

If all of this is too tiresome or simply unnecessary, you can, for example, just think of a color theme in which you will paint the dinner setting, food, desserts, and drinks.

You can make everything interesting – be it a cake, salad, or the whole table, as long as there is a will for it.

Photo by Unsplash

Think of a perfect centerpiece

It is always desirable that you have something in the center of the table that would, in a way, round up everything else, making itself “a cherry on the cake” of the whole setting.

It can truly be a number of things, as long as it is impressive. Maybe a small statue replica or a group of beautiful pebbles from the sea, if you are in Greece, for example. If you are in Australia, maybe it could be a trophy boomerang from a wild adventure.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep it formal, there are wonderful flower arrangements in aforementioned Australia, as well as everywhere else in the world. If you are in Penrith, for instance, find the best florist in Penrith for a perfect centerpiece.

All of these will draw attention and set the mood, while still letting the food play the main role.

Set the perfect dinnerware

If you have the resources, you could find dishes and other serving utensils that can all fit the theme you have chosen. Or, maybe just a set in a great color, interesting design, maybe something that fits your own nature and interests, your personal style.

It can even be a set of vintage dishes, directly from your grandma’s kitchen, which has a specific charm and value. Add some old-school decorations here and there, and you’re set. 

The same goes for the cutlery – if you can, try to fit them with the style of the dishes.

If your resources are a bit more humble, have fun mixing lots of different pieces, all tied with a similar color palette, for example. 

Photo by Unsplash

Fit the drinks and foods with your guests’ tastes

No matter how interesting your ideas for food and drinks are, maybe some people wouldn’t find them amusing at all.

For example, if it is a big dinner – find out if someone is allergic to something. See if there are vegetarians or vegans, in case you are planning to have animal products on the table. See if these people like spicy or sweet foods more, for example.

Also, ask people which kinds of drinks they prefer. Is it a wine club or all about freshly squeezed fruits? Maybe it is a beer for the whole crowd or maybe everyone has their own taste.

Usually, champagne fits all, but see if somebody may have an alcohol problem, in which case you can find a non-alcoholic version as well.

These are just some of the main things to think about when arranging a perfect dinner setting. If you take care of these, you can play around with the rest. Then, all it takes is to see who to invite, be sure that none of them are in a quarrel with someone else there, and you are set!