Fresh Designs for Your Kitchen Renovation in 2022

Even if you’ve never come across a cooking show in your life, you’ve probably heard the saying that cooking is an art form. Thus, just like any great piece of art, cooking a delicious meal will also require some inspiration. However, more often than not, culinary inspiration can be hard to come by in a worn-out kitchen. Chipped cabinets and clustered shelves have rarely been linked to out-of-the-box culinary magic. So, in the spirit of bringing that passion back into the kitchen, just a bit of renovation may be in store for this year. To help you get started, here are just a few fresh design tips that have been taking over kitchens in 2022 by storm!

Embrace simplicity

Most innovative design trends tend to go out of style as soon as the season changes. Just a few years back, open shelving was everywhere – that is, until everyone started to feel like the now visible clutter was closing in on them. An innovative renovation is by no means a successful one. Rather, the true secret behind any good kitchen remodel is simplicity. No one has ever gone wrong with clean lines, calming colors, and well-hidden kitchen appliances. By placing the ingredients in the cupboards and hiding the dishwasher away with custom-made panels, your kitchen will start to open up. Without the visible clutter, it will become light and open. In short, it will become a place you’ll want to spend time and thus cook in.

Incorporate wooden elements

Whenever design trends aim for simplicity, they run the risk of turning a space completely sterile. To avoid an all-white everything scenario, any renovation should include a couple of wooden pieces as well. Whether it’s a wooden countertop or a statement table, wooden elements always bring a sense of warmth into any room – a feeling much desired in growing metropolises such as Melbourne or Sydney. For those renovators living in Australia, a few bentwood chairs in Melbourne may just be the perfect fit. While they’re a simple and classic piece, bentwood chairs still manage to capture those fleeting moments of hominess as well.

Make your renovation environmentally friendly

In recent years, people have started to realize that there’s much more to a renovation than just its end product. Thus, even though walking into your dream kitchen is important, how you created it may be just as so. As a result, this year has seen the greatest rise in eco-friendly design trends to date. For some, an eco-friendly project could mean reducing waste by replacing cupboard doors instead of entire cabinets. For others wanting to go big, it could mean purchasing kitchen appliances that are more dependent on renewable energy resources. Yet another option would be to find recycled materials in your area and incorporate them into the kitchen design, making it both greener and more unique than the rest.

The kitchen: the social hub of the house

For centuries, kitchens were designated for little more than cooking. However, with a shift in kitchen design trends, this tide has slowly but surely begun to change. Instead of places for slaving over the stove, kitchens are becoming social hubs for friends and family alike. One element that has played a pivotal role in this shift is the kitchen island. A well-designed long island creates a place for people to come together, regardless of whether they’re preparing a meal or not. Alongside something to gather around, any kitchen today should also feel inviting. Placing just a few plants on floating shelves around the kitchen will give it a more natural and calming feel – a feel of a room you never want to leave!

Although the design trends above may appear vague at first glance, there’s much more to them than meets the eye. Instead of bombarding you with specific and bold ideas, these trends are here as a spark of inspiration. They provide the basic idea and leave you to go from there. Thus, rather than having hundreds of bright yellow kitchens, each person will have their own take on simplicity or eco-friendly design – and with that, their very own dream kitchen.