How to Choose the Best Wind Breaker Jacket

Whether you are cycling, camping, enjoying a morning run, or just spending quality time in amazing outdoors, you need to invest in a wind breaker jacket that will offer protection against rain, wind, dust and even mud. In other words, such jackets can keep you warm on cold weathers and help you manage those windy days.

A parka is lightweight which helps you to move around with ease. However, buying the right jacket could be overwhelming but because we care so much about you, here is your guide to choosing the best wind breaker jackets.

1. Weight

There are many windbreaker jackets in the market today and all of them come in a range of weights. When making a purchase, it’s up to you to decide the one you’d want. If for instance you want a jacket to wear when active, a lightweight one will serve you excellently because you’re likely to spend more energy.


2. Breathability

The thin unit of most lightweight jackets is breathable as they come in a weave of fabrics that allow easy circulation of air. The downside of the thinner unit is that the waterproofing ability of the jacket is reduced so when buying these jackets for the very first time, make a good choice and decide why you need the jacket for.

3. Waterproofness

Jackets are different and not all of them can guarantee their waterproof abilities. What you need to understand is that most of them are water resistant and not waterproof, meaning that they will not protect you in case of heavy downpours. You also need to understand that depending on how light the jacket is, it is likely to be less waterproof.


However, a lightweight jacket gives you freedom and comfort especially when doing active activities such as cycling and running but the entire decision will depend on the purpose you intend for your jacket.

4. Durability

When choosing these jackets especially for the very first time, you tend to focus more on its weight and end up forgetting its durability nature. And because you are reading this article, you are lucky because we would want to tell you that durability is an important factor to keep into consideration before spending your hard-earned money on a jacket.

Most importantly, it should be designed for repeated wear especially when getting active.

5. Hood

Some jackets come with detachable or stowable hoods while others come without the hood. If you are looking for a jacket to put on when running, it would be a great idea to choose the one with a stowable hood because you can tuck it away without affecting your running speed or movement. If you’re looking for a jacket to wear when cycling, choose the one with an adjustable hood that will be easy to wear over the helmet.

6. Material

Parkers are made with synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and fleece which are crucial in meeting the needs of different people. A jacket with fleece lining is perfect for people living in chilly environments.


A nylon jacket is durable and highly resistant to wind and water. However, it’s not sweat-wicking and can be rustling and noisy to wear. Polyester jackets are soft and lightweight so make an informed decision on the material that will meet your needs.

Bottom line

Many people prefer staying indoors all day long but outdoor activities are mind blowing and good for your wellbeing. Whether you love morning walks, climbing mountains with friends, running or biking, you need an outer protection and this article will help you when choosing the right jacket based on your needs and preferences.