Reasons Why Restaurant Customers Value Cleanliness as Much as Food

When people choose to eat at a restaurant, they are looking for a full experience that will satisfy all their senses. While food is the main focus of the experience, people are also paying attention to the service, ambiance and design of the space. And of the most important determinates of customer satisfaction is the hygiene of the establishment. 

According to research, cleanliness and hygiene are two of the most important factors that determine whether people will be satisfied with their experience and whether they will become regular guests of a restaurant. Over 90% of patrons say that they pay special attention to hygiene when eating out. So why is cleanliness such an important part of the hospitality industry? Here’s why restaurant-goers value cleanliness as much as they value food in a restaurant: 

It marks the safety of food

The first and probably the most important aspect of cleanliness affects the quality and safety of food. If an establishment appears dirty, customers might imagine the same conditions in the kitchen. And when the kitchen is dirty, their food might be lacking in safety and taste. Having to worry whether their food is prepared on dirty surfaces and brought out on dirty plates is not a pleasant thought, and definitely something you want to think about when paying high prices for food.  

Larger chains can suffer in case people notice or overhear potential food safety issues, but these presumptions are especially harmful to small local businesses. A food safety scandal can greatly damage the reputation of a small restaurant. Therefore, it’s important to keep all parts of the restaurant clean and ready to welcome guests. With a clean entrance, bar and dining area, guests can relax, being sure that the rest of the place is just as clean and free of harmful pathogens. 

It improves the ambiance

People who go out to eat choose their establishment according to the menu, but also keep the entire experience in mind. This experience also includes the overall feeling of the place (formal, informal) as well the ambiance the interior and exterior create. When it comes to ambiance, it’s crucial to pay attention to cleanliness. Dirty floors, sticky tables, dusty decoration, outdoor space full of leaves and a bar full of dirty dishes can make people feel uncomfortable. And when people feel uncomfortable, they want to leave the place sooner, order less food and drinks and never come back to a place that made them feel discomfort. 

It’s normal for a large or understaffed establishment to struggle with maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, but that’s what professional cleaners are for. Companies that provide cleanings services like reliable Cleaneroo can help any establishment maintain excellent cleanliness standards and improve customer satisfaction. Trained cleaners can do a much better job than restaurant staff and they always pay attention to the smallest of details—this is what customers expect and appreciate. 

It’s a sign of good management

When an establishment lacks hygiene standards, it is a direct reflection of the overall management of the place. When a restaurant appears to be dirty and unkempt, besides the food safety concerns, people also might consider the overall management issues. It’s not unusual for customers to question the involvement and investment of the management team in customer satisfaction and safety, as well as employee safety. Areas that are available to customers should always be kept clean in order to demonstrate the dedication to cleanliness and safety of the restaurant as a whole.  

It’s a sign of good customer service

It’s crucial for staff to bring out the right food, be there to tend to customers whenever it is necessary and greet them and say goodbye in a polite and friendly manner. But cleanliness is also a part of customer service that shows that you care about the patrons and want them to enjoy their time in your restaurant. Clean spaces make the best first impression on visitors and allow users to fall in love with your establishment and stay loyal to it. 

If you had doubts about whether or not people notice or care about restaurant cleanliness, after reading this text, they are probably removed completely. Investing in cleanliness will bring great returns on investment, give your establishment a good reputation and allow you to attract new people as well as keep the old customers.