What’s The Difference Between Colombian Coffee And Arabica Coffee?

For coffee lovers, the terms Colombian and Arabica don’t make much sense. There are over 50 different varieties of coffee in the market today. The significant types of coffee are Robusta and Arabica coffee, and the 50 blends are obtained from these two varieties. Colombian coffee is Arabica coffee that is grown in Colombia.

Arabica coffee

Note that Arabica coffee has its roots in Arabia, thus the name Arabica. Arabica coffee is considered the best coffee in the world since it has less caffeine and less bitterness. Also, Arabica coffee has traces of homey, vanilla, and other fruit tones, hence making it one of the sweetest coffees.


Robusta coffee, on the other hand, is bitterer and has more caffeine. Robusta coffee is mainly grown in Africa and Indonesia in low altitude areas. Thus, they increase fast, are less vulnerable to pests, and mature more quickly. Robusta is considered a lower quality compared to Arabica.

Colombian coffee

Columbian coffee is Arabica coffee grown in Colombia. It is considered the highest quality of friedcoffee beans in the international market.

Compared to most coffee brands, it has lower acidity and caffeine levels. The coffee beans must be washed thoroughly with clean water.

Washing reduces the caffeine level and the acidity of the coffee, making it the most excellent coffee in the world. Arabica coffee in Colombia must be grown in high altitude areas with fertile volcanic soils and high humidity levels.

Some significant differences between Arabica and Colombian coffee are:

• Arabia coffee refers to a generic type of coffee which originates from Arabia while Colombian coffee originates exclusively from Colombia

handful of coffee

• Colombian coffee is a ready-to-drink coffee while Arabica coffee must be brewed t drink.

• Due to the washing process, Colombian coffee is a mild coffee. The washing reduces the caffeine levels, making it milder compared to Arabica coffee.

Thus, the next time you are shopping for coffee, understand the difference to get the best quality.