Where Should I Stay In Colorado To Hike

Colorado, a state in the U.S, is well known for its great terrain and rocky mountain area that attract people around the world. Their mountain area serves as a tourist destination since they have snow and people would love to go skiing and hiking during winter. West Colorado is the place where you want to visit to be in sync with mother nature. Hiking is a popular activity in that side of Colorado that has mountains that are over 14,000 feet tall.


Different terrains allow every hiker to explore their experience as they come up with challenges. As a tourist or visitor who has the urge to go hiking in Colorado, there are some questions you should have answers to. Some of this questionnaire where will I stay in Colorado? How do I get to the hiking areas?

read this article and learn some of the areas you could in Colorado to hike.

Denver metro area

Denver is known to be a wonderful place to go for a hike through the metro area has no mountains. The paved trails and beautiful parks make it up for the mountainous terrain.

The suburbs have great trails since they are mostly found on the foothills which are well connected to open spaces that are good for the activity.

Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout.


This location has a tower that attracts visitors, and it also serves as a safe place to stay in Colorado for a hike. The Forest Service rents run the place, and it costs $100 for a night. The site is endowered with sleeping beds and spaces that are centrally placed downstairs and upstairs.

Stanley Hotel.

This quite exquisite hotel is located in Estes Park and is known to be well equipped with the amenities required for a vacation stay.

The hotel was formally founded the early 1900s for the sole purpose of providing accommodation to all the Eastern placed people who went to the Western part that allowed them to enjoy nature. The rooms here are affordable giving with a rate of $200, where visitors get the chance to enjoy extra services such as guides.