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She is a chef and an instructor at bright water a center that studies food and food related issues. Her father was a potter and the thought of creating something from clay led her into food creations. Her passion and view of food in a different way started when her mother took her to Dane county farmers market at the age of 17.she fell in love with the ingredients and there she started her connection with food.

She decided to learn not only about food but also nutrition and therefore she joined culinary institute of America. She enjoys to cook for people who have been diagnosed with various diseases so as to encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles. She teaches health and wellness in regards to food and its consumption. Her achievements are that: she was a finalist in the NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR season 6 and has taught in various institutions such as le-cordonbleu.

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We present you Types of food good for your health

A) Nut seeds and peanuts-they are high in fat and calories and are useful for weight loss

b) Eggs-They are probably the most nutritious foods one can get.

C) Fruits and berries-they are antioxidants have a high fiber and vitamin C that is essential for the body, some of them like avocadoes have heathy fats. Bananas are known to be the greatest source of potassium.

d)Meats-lean meat is a source of protein, lamb meat is said to be high in omega 3 fatty acids.

e) Vegetables-they provide vitamin c for example bell peppers and they are also antioxidants. They give vitamin K and C and also have proteins.

Types of fruits best fit for your diet

Grapes-They help in weight loss and reducing insulin resistance.it is also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Pineapples-it is a rich source of vitamin C has a mixture of enzymes that are known for anti -inflammatory properties and also aids in digestion.

Avocado-it is low in carbohydrates and it contains good fats, they are loaded with potassium fiber and magnesium

Blueberries-they are antioxidants which reduc

e the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. They are also known to boost one’s immune system.

How To Boil An Egg Like A Pro

An egg is most people’s delicacy and everyone has their preference of how they like their eggs. However, boiling is one of the easiest way to enjoy an egg. Though at times it becomes difficult to know when the egg is ready and one can remove it from the cooking pot when it’s still runny here are tips on how to boil an egg:

Put an egg straight from the refrigerator at the bottom of a pot and cover it with cold water. Boil the water fully 100 degrees, carefully remove the pot from your source of heat, leave the eggs to cook slowly with the heat that is still in the water. The temperature of the egg falls and that of water rises this perfectly cooking the egg. Remove it from the now warm water put it in cold water for perfect shelling.



He is a chief instructor at Brightwater a center that teaches food related courses. Before becoming an instructor, he was running a bakery. He was attracted to Brightwater center because of their philosophy that entails teaching food and nutrition. For him it is something that runs in his family food production has been in his generation for a while. He learned bread and pastry from his grandmother, he was intrigued by baking in that he would be able to make a wedding cake and that’s how he started a career in pastry. working at Brightwater he has been able to give back to society where a few of their graduates have been able to open their own bakery’s. he strives to use the realistic approach on his students by telling them what may work for them or what wouldn’t and the reasons.

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