What Is The Meaning Of Fusion Food

Fusion food describes a combination of different elements of different culinary traditions that come from different regions, countries, or cultures. As a result, fusion food is not categorized in accordance to any one specific cuisine style.

Categories and types

The concept of fusion food covers a multitude of cookeries of different forms. Although most of the fusion food we eat was invented by chefs at some point, food cuisine can also occur naturally in regional cuisines. Fusion cuisine can cover a larger region, like European cuisine and Asian cuisine, while others are ethnic, like Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, French cuisine, and Korean cuisine.

Asian Food

Any asian restaurant fort lauderdale, like most Asian fusion restaurants, will combine multiple cuisines of a range of Asian countries. This class of restaurants is rising in popularity in many western cities, especially in the UK and the United States. The success of fusion food restaurants tend to depend on three main factors:

Customer’s or prospective customer’s cultural diversity

Customer’s experiences and travel patterns

Customer’s culinary openness to foreign eating experiences

Customer’s sophistication

Asian-western fusion food

Eaters in most parts of the west, especially the United States and Canada, consume more east-west fusion food than anyone else. East-west fusion food, therefore, almost beats Latin fusion cuisine as the west’s most popular fusion cuisine. A typical fusion food enthusiast in San Francisco or New York will mention to you more east-west fusion foods than any other fusions.


In fact, Asian-western fusion food is so popular that some restaurants like Sushiritto deal entirely in east-west recipes. Sushiritto rose to prominence when they started to offer large rolls that combined the elements of Sushi and burrito (referred to as Sushiritto). Chicken Teriyaki, on another hand, combines the elements of Japanese chicken, Mexican Taco, and the crispy western chicken.